6 Pieces Selenite Sticks with String, Crystal Wands in 3 Sizes for Decoration (2.3 In, 4 In, 6 In)

Barcode: 194425396456

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  • Selenite Sticks: Use this set of 6 selenite sticks to potentially clear spiritual, emotional, and physical energy blocks from the body; carry the crystals with you or place in your home to enjoy the beauty
  • Healing Crystals: Considered to be one of the more powerful healing stones, selenite crystals are thought to carry a very high vibration that instills a deep sense of inner peace, clarity, and healing effects
  • Good Vibes Only: Place selenite crystal decorations in the corners of a room, on a windowsill, or display them on a shelf to potentially balance the mind and align your chakras; the included sting allows hanging
  • The Perfect Size: Due to the natural growth form, each selenite ornament varies in length between (2.3 in, 3.9 in, 5.9 in; perfectly sized to be displayed on a bedside table or charging plate
  • Handle With Care: Caution, the mineral may generate dust in transit, which can be irritating to those with sensitive skin; please be cautious, handle the selenite wand with care when opening
  • ASIN: b087r651s9
Product description

Selenite crystal wands are a wonderful addition to meditative practice and massage. The pointed and round ends of selenite sticks can be used for massage. Selenite is thought to be metaphysically protective, as it might affect a person’s aura, fill it with light, and positively shift energy. Place the wands in your living room, office, or bedroom to expel negative energies from your environment. Please note: selenite may generate selenite dust in transit which can be irritating to individuals with sensitive skin, please handle with care while opening.


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Bringing the calm to your home


Bringing the calm to your home
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