T80 Tickets - 2-Roll Two-Digit Turn-O-Matic T80 White Take-a-Number Tickets for Deli Ticket Dispenser, 2000 Tickets/Roll, White

Barcode: 843128192055

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2PK 1 X Two-digit Take-a-Number tickets (1 roll of 2000 tickets).

  • VALUE PACK: This set includes 2 rolls turn-o-matic 2 digit T80 tickets are especially for take-a-number system ticket dispenser.
  • FITS DELI TICKET DISPENSER: Designed for classic red take a number ticket dispenser, which allows customers at your small deli or market to wait in relaxed comfort without having to worry about missing their turn.
  • TAKE A NUMBER TICKETS: Each roll starts from A00 to A99 then starts over from B00-B99; contains 2000 tickets per roll.
  • SERVE YOUR CUSTOMERS EFFICIENTLY: Your customers will always be served faster and in the order where they arrived with a take-a number system. With this take-a-number system, customers can relax without having to compete for service.
  • DIMENSIONS: Each deli ticket measures 1.6 x 1.75 inches, while each roll contains 2000 deli tickets.
  • ASIN: B07K2ZV92Z
Product description

Serve your customers more efficiently with Juvale's Take A Number System. Customers takes a ticket from the ticket dispenser and waits for either the server to call their number out. They can relax without having to compete for service when you use Juvale's deli ticket dispenser. The Turn-O-Matic 2-digit roll of white T80 tickets are for use in our D80 Ticket Dispensers. There are 2,000 tickets per roll that counts from A00-A99, then starts over from B00-B99.


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Bringing the calm to your home
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