5 Piece Set of Unpainted Blank Russian Nesting Dolls for DIY Crafts, Art Projects

Barcode: 843128191003

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  • Each one of our blank russian dolls is hollow and can nest inside one another for easy storage
  • These unpainted nesting dolls offer a blank canvas and are fun to design and decorate
  • The nesting doll layers measure 5.5 x 2.4 inches, 4 x 2 inches, 3 x 1.57 inches, 2.16 x 1.18 inches, and 1.38 x 0.59 inches
  • The plain nesting dolls are made from high quality wood that is easy to customize
  • In this pack, you will receive one set of blank nesting dolls with 5 stackable dolls in total
  • ASIN: b07jcksp5d
Product description

These blank nesting dolls are the perfect way to get creative and customize something unique! The unpainted Russian nesting dolls are made from high-quality wood and come in a set of five stackable dolls. The plain dolls offer a fun and exciting opportunity for the entire family to enjoy creating colorful cohesive designs with paint, glitter, photos, and fabric. Each of these dolls is hollow and can nest inside one another for easy storage, making them perfect for tucking away or bringing out when you want to admire your work. Kids will love customizing their own doll set, while adults can use it to express their creative side. Perfect as a gift, the nesting dolls blank design will inspire hours of imaginative playtime. The smooth wood surface makes it easy to customize however you like; from vibrant colors and decorations to personal photos or logos, you are sure to create something unique that’s one-of-a-kind! Get creative with these nesting dolls today, and watch as your creation comes alive!


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